Is Kettlebell right for you?

Whether you’re an elite athlete or you just need to be in better shape to make it through the day, the PhysXtreme Kettlebell program can and will help!

The focus of this program is on kettlebell training, but all classes incorporate accompanying body weight and joint mobility exercise. Our coaches are highly experienced and qualified, and constantly learning to ensure their clients’ continued adaptation and improvement.

Here’s what our Kettlebell program will teach you:
  • How to generate explosive strength
  • How to develop functional strength
  • How to increase your work capacity
  • How to develop stamina and cardiovascular endurance

Training with kettlebells develops high levels of coordinated strength and conditioning. One does not merely lift kettlebells. This type of training integrates complete kinetic chain involvement, meaning the full functioning of your body, in virtually every movement.

Beware of inferior Kettlebell Programs

The kettlebell is a simple tool used in highly technical ways. It’s a skill-based workout that requires attention to teaching technique. Far too many kettlebell programs are focused on the workout and not on teaching the student. With proper instruction and technique, kettlebell training should never hurt your shoulders, back, or knees. Our students learn body structure and how to safely generate the power to move weight. The almost limitless Kettlebell exercise variations ensures you never get bored, and will satisfy the needs of everyone, from novice to experienced strength athletes, in helping you achieve or exceed your expectations. In addition, the wide variety of exercises keeps it fun and motivating.

“Build strength first. From strength follows conditioning, and with greater conditioning, the capacity for more work, and thus more strength!”

Like all our programs at PhysXtreme, our Kettlebell program starts with the ‘strength first’ approach. With the ability to produce large amounts of force across multiple joint angles and with varying degrees of acceleration, we manipulate load and volume (weight, sets, and reps) to optimize strength and power across the full strength-speed continuum.

If this all sounds like gibberish to you, it essentially means that our program addresses the needs of everyone from the elite athlete to those struggling with daily strength, power, speed, and conditioning requirements.

Oh, and one more thing: you will work hard… very hard, and likely shed a ton of body fat – which is a nice little added bonus.

Meet your kettlebell coach, Dave Anderka


To get started, click the link below. Once you’ve completed your booking, please show up at the gym at the chosen time, someone will be there to greet you. At any time if you’re having difficulty with the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to help!

See you in class!