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PhysXtreme CrossFit Chaos 819 – Bootcamp – OCR

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OCR Base warmup (No Measure)

Body wraps

All together!

Arm cirlcles 10 each-Forward Large, med, small. Back Large, Med, small

20 Windmills

15 Squats

3 x Inchworm out Pushup T -PU T – PU

10 Squats

20 Alt Back lunges

Can Can

Butt Kicks

High Knees

Burpee Broad jumps

Race – OCR

Metcon (No Measure)

New race every 1:30 (5 at the time)

2L sled push (4/2P)

10/8 cals AB or Ski Erg

8 box jumps overs

10/8 cals row

Run and the touch the GHD!

pos 1 = nothig

pos 2 = 2 burpees

pos 3 = 4 burpees

pos 4 = 6 burpees

pos 5 = 8 burpees


Metcon (No Measure)

AMRAP XX Mins (as a team)

1L plyo work (each)

50ft Tire Flips

30 wall-balls

50 ring rows challenging angle

1:00 hold heavy DB/1:00 hang bar (switch)

50ft banded bear crawl (each)


Metcon (Calories)

:45 max effort on AB

*** this is not the energy system used during a whole OCR race, which is aerobic (EZ 1-3). This is meant to make you go to failure and to understand how long does it takes to get 0 muscle oxygen saturation