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It’s Friday afternoon, and I was supposed to leave at 5:30pm, but not having had time to train as much this week as I’d hoped and I have to be at home by 6:30pm… I realize opening my blog and putting this up here is taking extra time, but at 5:30pm I decided I couldn’t leave without doing a short workout. In only 5 minutes I wouldn’t have time to warm up to heavier weights on bench press and I had decided that I wanted to do a blast for my upper body. So here’s what I did.

3 sets of these two exerices:
Pushups 30
Chin-ups 10

I know it’s not much, but I did it in just about 3 minutes.. which is all I could really afford to do time-wise.

So now I’m leaving.. Chest/Back/Arms.. all nice and happy!

It’s not a big workout.. but i made the decision NOT to do nothing!

Hope you have a great weekend!