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PhysXtreme CrossFit Chaos 819 – Bootcamp


Shane – Full Body Strength Warm-up (No Measure)

400m Row


3 Inchworm + 3 pushups

10 Ring Rows

60 Sec Squat Bottom (hold & roll around ankles)

5 Scap Pushups + 3 Pushups

5 Scap Pull-ups

10 Air Squats

30 Sec Downward Dog

10 Hanging Alt. Straight-Leg Raises *

5 Downward Dog to Cobra

3 Way Hip

5 ea. Heel lowering 1-Leg Squat from top of box

10 Hanging Alt. Straight-Leg Raises *

60 Sec Childs Pose shoulder & lat stretch (leaning side to side into stretch)

30 Sec ea. side Couch Stretch for quads

5 Strict Hanging Leg Raises

5 Broad jumps.. start small and increase effort each rep. Take a few seconds rest between jumps

* performed in a controlled manner as one side lift and lower, then other side… so not scissors action.. no momentum


Pick a strength exercise you haven’t trained recently and spend 15 minutes working on it.

Do 3-4 warm-up sets with minimal rest, then 3-4 work sets, ideally between 70-80% of your 1RM. Make it 65-75% if you’ve been to the gym less than 10 times in the last month.

You can use the “Add Performance” link to add the exercise of your choice, as well as the training parameters for scoring and of course, your score.


Metcon (Time)

Cap until end of class

200m Run

Submax Pushups

3 Rope Climb // Box Rope climb // Recline Climb

200m Double KB Suitcase Carry

Submax Pull-ups

2 Rope Climb // Box Rope climb // Recline Climb

200m SB Front Rack Carry

Submax Pushups + 2

1 Rope Climb // Box Rope Climb // Recline Climb

400m Run