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PhysXtreme CrossFit Chaos 819 – Bootcamp


Shoulder Full X-Over Warm-up (No Measure)

400m Row

For warm-ups, X-Over movements done for 6-10 reps to activate the muscles should be using a band tension (colour) that would allow for 15-20 reps before significant fatigue.

X-Over Face Height (Face-in)

A Shape:

6-10 w/ Orange/Green/Red

W Shape:

6-10 w/ Yellow/Orange /Green

T Shape:

6-10 Yellow/Orange/Green

Y Shape:

6-10 Yellow/Orange/Green

I Shape:

6-10 Yellow/Orange/Green

X-Over Knee Height (Face-in)

90/90/Snatch Press:

8-12 Yellow/Orange/Green

X-Over Knee Height (Face-out)


8-12 Yellow/Orange/Green

Press Plus **

6-10 Orange/Green/Red/Black

3-Way Hip Stretch

Pigeon Glute Stretch

** Start at Orange if your 1RM overhead press is equal or less than 65 lbs. Start at Green if your 1RM overhead press is 70 lbs or more.


Shoulder Press (10-8-6-5-5-5-5: Last 3 sets @ 75%)

Start at 45% and build up by adding 10% each set.

Superset with Strict Pull-ups. Submax reps on all pull-up sets (i.e. first energy system work only.. so max 10 seconds)


Metcon (Time)


DB Thrusters (25s/15s)

Ring Rows

Box Jumps

High-to-Low Plank *
Descend from opposite sides each rep.