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PhysXtreme CrossFit Chaos 819 – Bootcamp


Bench Press Warm-Up (No Measure)

400m Row

With X-Over Bands

Set-up at Face Height – Facing in:

2 Rounds

Regular Rows: 20 Reps

A Shape: 15-20 Reps

W Shape: 15-20 Reps

T Shape: 10-15 Reps

Y Shape: 10-12 Reps

5 Pushup Plus


Move to Knee Height – Facing In

W-to-Y Shape: 15-20 Reps


Still at Knee height, turn around to Face Out:

Scaption: 12-15 Reps

Press Plus: 8-10 Reps w/ heavier band

Kneeling Side-to-Side Biceps Stretch

3-Way Hip Stretch

Pigeon Glute Stretch

100′ Sideways Plank Walk


Bench Press (15 Min of Sets of 5 Reps)

Focus: Feeling just as much tension throughout the rest of your body as you do in the pressing muscles themselves.

Observe: Glutes, upper back, core, legs…

Weights to be lifted: Start with empty bar and increase the weight with (2.5 lbs for women and 5 lbs for guys) added on each side on each set. Continue to increase the weight on each set but make sure you don’t get to a weight where your focus moves from your set-up and ability to observe tension throughout your body, over to just trying to get the weight up.

Weight check: Bar should remain stable, and you should be able to press it up at almost the same speed on all your sets and reps.

Goal is maybe a 75% (10RM) load but we keep it at 5 reps. If you get there and still have time, do a couple more sets at the same weight. Ideally you’ll complete a total of 7+ sets of 5 reps including all the warm-up sets in the 15 minutes.

We don’t do bench press enough to push heavy so listen to your coach and stay tight and light.


Metcon (Time)

5-10-15-20 HRPU

35-30-25-20 KB Swings (50/35)


AMRAP to end of class:

100′ Sideways Plankwalk

200m Run (or 500m Bike.. only 200m Row if not enough Bikes)