PURE STRENGTH(tm) Strength Foundations Strength Test Days (this Saturday is the first one!)

PURE STRENGTH ™ STRENGTH FOUNDATIONS STRENGTH TEST DAYS We’re all after “RESULTS” right?  But what exactly are the results you’re after?  For some it may be weight loss, for others it may be increased strength, for others it may be more energy, and I’m sure there are twenty more possible things people are looking to […]

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It’s Friday afternoon, and I was supposed to leave at 5:30pm, but not having had time to train as much this week as I’d hoped and I have to be at home by 6:30pm… I realize opening my blog and putting this up here is taking extra time, but at 5:30pm I decided I couldn’t […]

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I just got an email from yet another client who is experiencing DOMS, and is a little confused as to why he is so sore, when he didn’t feel like he was really working that hard. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is the type of muscle soreness that sets in usually 24-36 hours after your training […]

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I got an email this morning from a colleague whom I have been a judge with for the Ontario Physique Association for more than ten years. The email was in regards to another colleague of ours, Brent Felstead, who has sat beside both of us as a judge, but unlike us, Brent is also a […]

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