What is Crossfit 819‘s competitive programming?

Crossfit 819 offers additional workout programming for members who want to add to their Crossfit class regiment. This 100% authentic programming is prepared by Crossfit 819’s head CrossFit coach, Kim Chartrand, and 819’s Crossfit Games athlete & coach Mylène Arsenault.  After years of competing in the sport, these two coaches definitely know how to  help you reach your goals. The program consists of 7 unique workout sessions, one for every day of the week . This includes; 5 full training days, 1 active recovery day, and 1 rest day. A normal training day will consist of lifts, WODs, gymnastics and much more. The programming also takes into consideration Crossfit events so that you maximise your performance if you decide to partake in these activities. For this reason, be prepared for changes to the programming during the Opens as the workouts will prepare you for the Open’s WODs– the coaches have you covered!

Get competition ready

If you want to compete in the sport of Crossfit and want more than our regular classes, this option is for you. If you already compete and want extra programming by our amazing coaches, this program is also for you. The competitive programming is available to both Crossfit 819 members and athletes from other gyms. The program costs 25$/month for anyone who wishes to sign up. Crossfit 819 members receive a 10$/month discount bringing the price down to 15$/month. For more information or to sign up, contact us at  [javascript protected email address].