When you suffer an injury, or you’re feeling pain, we can help you get back on your feet, but just like at the hospital, we need to triage the issue to find out what’s happened and what you need.

Here are the providers we refer to on a regular basis:


An FCAMPT – certified physiotherapist offers many additional skills than traditional physiotherapy. I would always recommend seeking out this designation.

You want to see a physiotherapist when you need to figure out what is causing your pain, and to get a plan worked out including a rehab program of exercises and stretching. They are excellent diagnosticians for things like issues with muscle balance, strength asymmetries, range of motion issues, length-tension relationship imbalances, movement dysfunction, and impairment syndromes.

Alexandra Dubé-Chavanel
MediSport Physio
165, boulevard Saint-Raymond, local 211
Gatineau, QC, J8Y 0A7
tel. (819) 775-4303 or info@medisportphysio.ca

Amy Fahlman
Downtown: 613.594.8512
Hintonburg: 613.656.0187 or ahihintonburg@gmail.com


The idea that you need to be constantly cracked and adjusted by a chiropractor is out-dated. Good chiropractors recognize, through evidenced-based practice, that actual adjustments should be reserved for when other therapies don’t work. In many cases, soft-tissue work via Active-Release Treatments or Graston techniques can restore pain-free range of motion without the need for adjustments.

Ottawa Downtown:
Geoff Outerbridge
Integrate Healthcare Collective
Online booking tool: https://oc3.janeapp.com/#/staff_member/7
Or call/email:  613-230-7891 / info@integrateottawa.ca

If you did a workout and you feel some soreness the next day or even the day after, there’s no need to worry, that’s a type of soreness called Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness… or DOMS for short. It’s normal and will resolve in a few days. You can help speed up the recovery by ensuring you have sufficient protein and calories in your diet. Movement and gentle stretching is also helpful.

If the soreness you feel the next day has a delicate feeling to it, as though you had better be careful how you move or you might make it worse, then it could be a sign that a) you’ve just really over-done it, or b) that some sort of compensation has occured during your training, resulting in one area getting massively over-worked, resulting in some sort of minor soft-tissue injury.

If you feel pain during your training, you should never push through it. Burning–from muscle fatigue–is one thing, but pain, the feeling that something is not right–frequently felt asymmetrically–where you can feel your muscles working on one side in a normal sense, but on the other side there’s a pinching, or hot burning sensation, or some other painful type of sensation, is a sign that something is not right.

Try stretching the area, doing some soft-tissue work with the LAX or Yoga ball. Take a lighter weight and see how it feels. It may just need a bit more warming up. If you can warm it up enough that you don’t feel any pain, then proceed, but don’t get greedy. Sometimes it pays to just back off, and take what you can get.. without irritating it further.