1. We understand that changes in your schedule or personal emergencies may require you to temporarily suspend your membership. Membership holds are 15$/month and are limited to once per contract term, and are available for 30 (minimum), 60, or 90 (maximum) days. Additional holds will be billed at 50% of the monthly membership fee.

2. In order to properly process your membership hold request, it must be received at least three business days before the date of your next scheduled payment. We are unable to process refunds if hold requests are not received before this date.

3. For holds related to an injury, please be sure to detail your injury in the space below so we can get you connected to our trusted therapists and practitioners.

4. If you prefer to cancel your membership, you may do so by clicking here: Membership Cancellation.

5. After cancellation, if you subsequently decide to reactivate your membership, the membership rates and administration fees effective at that time, will be applied as they are subject to change during your absence.

Hold Request Form

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