Kettlebell Coach

Dave has been a student of physical culture since his early 20’s. After years of training in the martial arts and practicing yoga, he approaches movement with a beginner’s mind and recognizes the benefits of training the body as one functional unit.

Kettlebells came to him as a supplemental tool for strength building for martial arts training. But he became hooked on this new tool and the exercise patterns that came with it. He took his first certification at 37 and discovered so much information, skill and variety. Now, almost 10 years later, he’s progressed from kettlebells to body dynamics and joint mobility, to Indian clubs and mace, to circus training and breathwork, and travelled around the world with a shared thirst for knowledge.

He’s taught kettlebell training for the last 10 years in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, and while kettlebells are the “anchor” of his classes, techniques from all other disciplines are integrated into this comprehensive program. The rise in popularity of kettlebell sport has added new dimensions and goals for him and the athletes at PhysXtreme. As a team, he and the kettlebell members train and compete regularly, and have started hosting competitions.

As an instructor, Dave stresses the importance of structure and mobility while building strength, power, endurance and coordination. His charisma, enthusiasm, and high-energy classes will have you addicted to this incredibly versatile training tool.

“When we lift something heavy, we instinctively use more than just arms; we integrate muscle chains, brace through the torso, and lift with the whole body. So why should we exercise any differently? A tool as simple as a kettlebell works the complex muscle chains within the human body, yielding results that make you stronger, faster, and better.”

Dave Anderka



> Kettlebell Certification
> Joint Mobility & Movement Certification (Upper & Lower body)
> Indian Club and Mace Certification
> Client Assessment Course, 2018

Deflying Fitness

> Aerial Strength Certification
> Handstands Certification
> Flexibility Certification


> Adaptive Bodywork, ICOpro Canyoning, Freediving, CPR

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