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Sam discovered CrossFit training in 2013 after he met an athlete and Coach named Simon Buteau! Noticing the dedication and passion that Simon demonstrated for CrossFIt, Sam decided that he would take up this sport as well. This fitness activity became a passion and a way of life for Sam. He completed his Level 1 CrossFit Coaching certification and was welcomed to PhysXtreme as a fill-in coach since he was such an enthusiast for our gym community. His warm-hearted enthusiasm has grown him into becoming a valuable member of the CrossFit Chaos 819 coaching team.

Coach Sam says: “If CrossFit feels intimidating to you, believe me… I understand! When I first started, I had trouble “box jumping” to the height of a “10 pound plate” in my early days”.

He has walked the path that lies ahead for new members who join and he encourages people to “just keep showing up for yourself and trying your best”.


> Level 1 CrossFit Coaching, June 2015
> Titan Strength Weightlifting Seminar
> CrossFit Judge training, 2017
> ProRowing Seminar training, 2017
> PhysXtreme Coach Development Program, 2018

SAM Abou-Hamad


> WODktoberfest 2014, 2015 and 2016
> UG Series Wasaga Beach 2015 and 2016

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than a gym