When you first walk into PhysXtreme, if you don’t turn and run for your life, you will likely have a training experience never to be forgotten. Whether full or empty, the gym in Ottawa screams of action, hard work, and dedication.

The two large training spaces at PhysXtreme are designed to accommodate the many different programs we run, like CrossFit, Bootcamp, and Kettlebell, and include top-of-the-line equipment specific to these types of classes and workouts. Though the application is different, all of our programs use constantly varied and functional movements performed at high intensities to deliver unparalleled results to our members. The space is inviting and well suited to accommodate ever-increasing training goals of increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

Part of the reason our members are so happy is that they never get bored with their training. The vast array of equipment at the PhysXtreme gym in Ottawa allows for incredible programming variety within our strength, skill-building, and conditioning rounds, which will help keep you focused and motivated.

Another one of the great things about PhysXtreme is that we offer separate impeccably maintained and well-lit men’s and women’s change rooms with three individual and completely private shower stalls each. The women’s change room offers enough counter and mirror space for those who need to get ready for work after class.

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