Take us for a test drive!

Joining a new gym that specializes in Kettlebell may feel a little intimidating. There’s the feeling of… Can I actually do this? Not to mention it costs more than a regular gym.

It makes sense to try a workout before buying a membership, however, unless you’re a very seasoned gym-goer/athlete who knows exactly what you want and need out of a gym and Kettlebell program, a single workout may not be enough to help you decide whether or not to commit to a longer-term membership. There are many techniques that need to be learned and practiced prior to trying to use them in a workout you’ve just been thrown into.

Though our Kettlebell Program may have the smallest number of classes on our schedule, it’s impact on the lives of our members who swear by it is anything but small.  So to get you started on the right foot, we’ve got a two-week Kettlebell Program Test-Drive so you can see if our Kettlebell program is a good fit.

You’ll start off by taking our Kettlebell fundamentals class which is held Monday’s at 6:30pm.  Immediately following the fundamentals class, if you’re up for it you can take your first real Kettlebell class at 7:30pm and then follow it up with Wednesday’s 7:30pm class and Friday’s 5:30pm class.

You’ll regroup a second time with the Kettlebell fundamentals class the following Monday evening for a bit more work on your technique, followed by the other regular Kettlebell classes the rest of the week.

Our Kettlebell Program Test-Drive is just the right length of time for you to really begin to see and feel the results you can achieve when you have the right program, the right coaches, the right facility, and a super supportive community.

And at just $97, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email from us with further instructions on how to book your two Kettlebell fundamentals classes. At any time if you’re having any difficulty with the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help!

2-Week Kettlebell Program Test Drive

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Each week you’ll start out by taking a fundamentals class.
  • You’ll follow up the fundamentals class with up to 3 more regular classes each week.
  • You’ll learn the foundational Kettlebell movements that the rest of the Kettlebell program builds on.
  • You’ll begin to quickly understand why a kettlebell is often said to be the ultimate training tool!

With the right program, the right coaches, the right facility, and the right kind of social support, you won’t believe what you can accomplish!

And at just $97, you’ve got nothing to lose.

To get started click the link below.

The facility itself is jaw-dropping