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Sports were always the biggest part of my life growing up. I played basketball and volleyball at provincial and university levels so I was use to pushing my body to the limits. After graduating from university I trained and competed in triathlons for 10 years. However, my life changed a lot after getting pregnant and having two kids back to back (who didn’t sleep). I found triathlon training too time consuming and I struggled with making time for it. For the first time in my life, I found myself out of shape and with an extra 10 pounds to lose. Thank God I stumbled upon PhysXtreme. It has changed everything. I never actually thought I would feel that ‘buzz’ again after a workout like I did in my university days, but I have found it and more at PhysXtreme.

The camaraderie of the people is truly special. It is an environment of competition, but in a positive way where everyone is truly pushing you to be your best. The owner, Shane Miller is truly one of a kind. He cares for each of his athletes so genuinely and from the heart. He pushes you to be your best every single second you are there. But he also goes beyond the physical aspect of the training and teaches you to just be a good person, simply through his own example and with his no nonsense attitude. His knowledge about every single aspect of training, nutrition, and physiology completely blows my mind and demonstrates his passion for what he does. Shane also has an amazing ability to find top notch coaches. One of them is Michael Blanchard. He is one big piece of walking muscle and knows personally the hard work that is required to achieve the body you desire! He has a natural ability to take a difficult skill and break it down to make it seem easy. He will go above and beyond to bring out the best in each person at the CrossFit gym. It’s very obvious the love he has for what he does comes straight from the heart.

At almost a year later, I am amazed at my personal transformation. Although I have always been a fairly upbeat and positive person, PhysXtreme has made me a better person, a happier person, and helped me to find balance as a mom. I am proud of my body again and the example I am setting for my kids. Now that you’ve found their website, you need to join PhysXtreme. It will change your life!