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I’ve always been active, training and taking different classes, but kept changing because with time I would lose interest and motivation. Then I saw the PhysXtreme Groupon deal and wondered why I’d never heard about this place. After reading a few of Shane’s articles on his blog I was really motivated and after my very first class, I was hooked! Ever since, I’ve not once wondered if I should keep going or what to do next as I did before I found PhysXtreme. PhysXtreme has become my second family because there are so many incredible people there, all improving their health and lifestyle and I really look forward to every class!

Training with such amazing coaches and with all the friends I’ve made along the way has made my life so much better on so many levels! Our Kettlebell coach, Dave Anderka, deserves so many praises. Not only is he an incredible coach, but he is so generous with his personal time. He takes us on Sunday runs and hikes through the Gatineau trails and sometimes to the Luskville Falls. I’ve finally found myself at PhysXtreme! This is where I am happy and myself! Cheers to all!