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When I moved to Gatineau in 2008, my life revolved around my work and I had lost myself along the way; I refused to see that I had become an unhappy, lazy person. But one day in 2009, a light bulb went off and I realized I had to do something. I started eating better and exercising. I started going to the gym to work out and lost about 10 lbs, but going to the gym was boring; it wasn’t for me. A family member suggested I join one of the local Roller Derby leagues. So during the fall of 2010 I took her advice and tried it, it was amazing and I fell in love with the sport immediately! My only problem was that I didn’t feel like I was reaching my potential in the sport, I still felt out of shape and sluggish. So after a year and a half of Derby, I decided to buy a couple of groupons for different bootcamps. PhysXtreme was the second groupon I bought during that summer… it was also the last groupon I ever bought for a fitness program!

“After my first week with Shane at PhysXtreme, I knew I had found my new fitness home! After a month at PhysXtreme, I noticed a huge difference in Derby! I could skate faster, my footwork became bouncy and aggressive, I had a lot more balance and stability, and the power behind my hits and blocks sky rocketed!!!! I had women who weighed a good 50lbs more than I did unable to knock me over! I had become the person I wanted to be. I dropped the rest of the weight I wanted to lose, I had more energy, I felt great, and I felt like an athlete again!

“The workouts at PhysXtreme are amazing… in a ‘let’s kick some ass’ kind of way! No matter what kind of mood I’m in when I walk in, I always leave with a smile. Although at the end of a workout I feel like my body will never recover, by the time I get to work I feel like a whole new person, I’m ready to take on any new challenge! The best part about PhysXtreme is that they’re all about training the whole person.

“Shane and his team are there to help me set goals and see them through. They are not only extremely knowledgeable about technique and fitness training, but also on recovery, injury prevention, and nutrition. I also love the fact that the coaches are honest and realistic. They don’t promise you a quick fix, they’re not trying to sell you a miracle product, and they get results by working us to the ground! They know the only way to get a worthwhile result is through hard work and dedication. I can still remember doing hill sprints and one girl saying something to the effect that she was going to ‘run off’ all the beers she had drank the previous weekend, and Shane looked at her and said ‘you can never out train a bad diet.’ And it’s true; no matter how much you train, if you’re not going to eat healthy you’re never going to get the results you’re looking for!

“Since I started at PhysXtreme, I’ve caught the infectious ‘challenge yourself’ bug that seems to go around this place. It’s that feeling that you need to challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before. Since I first caught this bug, I’ve participated in ‘Le Defi de L’ile,’ an inline skating race around the Island of Montreal (128km) – I was the first person to ever do it in roller skates – I started running 5 km and 10 km races; I did the Ottawa Spartan race this past summer with the PhysXtreme team; and I will be running my first ½ marathon this year. All of these I did because of the training, motivation, support, and challenge-yourself attitude I got from the entire team of PhysXtreme!!! I look forward to seeing what the upcoming year has in store for me!!!