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“Life-altering experiences mold our lives and they sometimes happen when you least expect it. One of them for me is when I bought a PhysXtreme Groupon! This is almost laughable because when I started, my goals were to climb a rope within the first few weeks as I was prepping for a Spartan race and, of course, to get skinny. I thought this was going to be easy! I thought I was going to be amazing… turns out PhysXtreme kicked my ass!

“It took me more than a year to climb the rope and I didn’t get skinny! Good thing, because if I had climbed that rope and reached my weight goal within the limits of the Groupon, I may not have signed up for another year and I may not have had the opportunity to experience all the awesome things that followed. Although I haven’t lost weight as planned, I have increased my muscle mass, I never wore sleeveless tops, now I wear them with pride. I’m stronger physically and more importantly emotionally. I have more self-confidence, my body image has changed dramatically, and I stopped yo-yo dieting!

“The coaches are AWESOME! I have no other words, I love Shane! I have shared some very personal experiences with him out of trust – still not sure why, but I did. I’ve talked about my eating habits, or shall I call it eating addiction. He’s helped me understand why I do the things I do, which is the first step towards living a healthier lifestyle. The other coaches are great! Amazing! Awesome! Dave, the kettlebell coach, actually leads a trail run every Sunday – JUST FOR FUN! He makes us do all kinds of crazy stuff, like push ups, squats, and even upside down handstand push-ups! Beware, he will kick you if your technique is being compromised! Yes, he has kicked me! LOL But more importantly, I can do these things now!

“I have made some incredible friends through PhysXtreme. Friends who have come out with me at crazy times of the day to train for a race that I was doing, not them! JUST FOR SUPPORT! WHO DOES THAT? The people I met at PhysXtreme do! I honestly didn’t know there were people out there like this! Strong is the new skinny – for realz!”