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I got an email this morning from a colleague whom I have been a judge with for the Ontario Physique Association for more than ten years. The email was in regards to another colleague of ours, Brent Felstead, who has sat beside both of us as a judge, but unlike us, Brent is also a competitive bodybuilder.

What’s so special about being a competitive bodybuilder? Well apart from the massive discipline required to maintain a strict diet, there are hours upon hours of grueling training routines. But then that’s the easy part for Brent. The hard part for Brent is that he’s does all this while suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Read more about Brent’s story here…

So in closing, I ask myself, “What’s your excuse?”, if I don’t feel like training as hard today or tomorrow.

I think we can all ask ourselves that question in light of the amazing accomplishments of people like Brent!

Chomp on that one for a bit!